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Wiratech Europe is a biotech company based in Genopole, France’s leading bio-cluster for biotechnologies and research in genomics. Genopole hosts 4 campuses, 96 biotechs, 1 hospital, is generating more than 1900 patents and more 2500 direct jobs.

Genopole is Located in Paris region, it offers a unique environment for researchers and entrepreneurs who wish to innovate and advance research, it is the place to be for a bio-entrepreneur.

Biotech Experts

CEO and founder, Sami Djoulah is graduated with a PhD from the University of Paris VI chaired by the Nobel Prize of Medicine, Professor Jean Dausset. 

Sami Djoulah has more than 23 years of experience in biotechnology. In the 1990’s, he was involved in research in Immunogenetics programs and published over 20 articles in renowned scientific journals.


Wiratech has been extending and transferring the existing HLA NGS technology in many medical labs in Europe and Asia.


Wiratech is on the forefront of TCR NGS expertise, applied to cancer diseases, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and transplantation.

We intend to extend our expertise on psychiatric disorders and TCR HLA interaction regulation.


Following the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-2019) outbreak, Wiratech Europe decided to respond by distributing various Covid-19 detection kits.


The partnership with 3DMed enabled Wiratech to distribute quality products for detecting the virus and Wiratech ended up managing the local stock for Europe and EMEA

Our Mission

Biotechnology at its finest

Wiratech Europe uses scientific knowledge of human variability and instrumental technologies, to provide new innovative tests, devices and services.

We are specialized in NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and have acquired expertise in immunogenetic analysis.

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Sami Djoulah

CEO and Founder

Annika Grevman

Administration Manager

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